Good price L245NB Petroleum pipeline pipe

L245NB belongs to an oil pipe line. Better than L245 material, L245NB straight welded pipe in the N is L245, the steel into the deformation fire. "B" means "B" steel pipe. So L245NB means deformation normalization on the basis of L245.
L245NB Petroleum pipeline pipe chemical composition:









L245NB Petroleum pipeline pipe mechanical properties: yield strength: 245 MPa, tensile strength: 415 MPa, elongation: 21 min.
Pipe line: the oil, gas or water from the ground is transported to the oil and gas industry by pipeline. The pipe line consists of two kinds of seamless and welded pipes with flat ends, threaded ends and spigot ends. The connection modes include end welding, coupling and socket connection. L245NB Petroleum pipeline pipe used for transportation of gas, water and oil in the petroleum and natural gas industries.
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